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Hello, it’s great you’re here!

Hey there!

We are Fields Church, previously known as CFC Kesgrave. So why Fields church? Why the picture of the combine harvester? Well, we are working on our new website, so for now here’s a teaser of greater things to come and the long story short:

We are Fields Church, previously called CFC Kesgrave. Why? Well we’re working on this site and will share more soon. For now here’s the long story short:

We are Jesus’ church

He always has and always will be at the heart of all we do

Fields is our story

Not just a name, this is our story then, now and tomorrow

CFC is our family

We always have and always will be a part of the CFCI family


Every Sunday Cafe opens 10am Church begins 10.30am


Cedarwood School Wilkinson Drive Kesgrave


Everyone is welcome all ages any walk of life